(ATA) : Scenes 16-19

Scene 16: The apartment of the royal wives

Cuxamiray is playing a set of zampoñas panpipes– enter Felipe

What are you doing here

What is your name

I am Queen Cuxamiray – & you are

My name is Felipe – I am from Tumbez

Tumbez – are you not afraid to be here

Terror is a stunning woman’s beauty


I saw the way you were gazing on me

I gaz’d on you – hah – I did no such thing

Yes, you did, not once, but every time
I came inside the king’s court to translate

What if I did, a look is just a look

A look is not a look, a look’s a book
On which is written the story of love
Glances confess the secrets of the heart,
Intimate celebrations of desire
Lock perfect memories within us all
To some it is passion’s rogue explosion
To us it was the moment that our eyes
Enlock’d, as when the first ray of the sun
Skips oer Aconagua’s lofty peak
& lights our lovely land, there was a gleam
Of solar power in your pupil-shine
An oriental passion-lamp of love

Of love, what foolish nonsense you do speak

Cuxamiray, your frowns are fairer far
Than smiles of other maidens are, when we
Lock’d eyes we magick’d joy & pain, both,
You felt it too, I know, & so you know
How I felt too, it took but a second,
As I thro’ Heaven’s gates did gladly go,
This iris a veil, eternal life lies
Behind, & when you see the soul once join’d
With yours, something exquisite breaths & falls
& all the glory of existence miss’d
Arrives at last, I know the stars by name,
& know the paths they take, my loving eyes
Gaze on thy form & cannot find its flaws
If ever they’ve existed

Stop this now

Your words mislead, but your eyes cannot lie
Kiss me Cuxamiray, our lips must meet

They kiss

If you portray my eyes as beautiful
It is because they are looking at you
I see loving in your answering smile
You must be very brave my darling one
Tell me for truth the measure of your love

When first I saw you first I felt love’s force
& all my petty previousnesses
Became the path until I’d fell in love
Thy being is my goddess, to the law
My services are bound

If bound to me
Why does thee tarry at the White Ones’ work
They steal from us & murder like daemons

They are irresistible – as are you

Your flattery is reckless, how should I
Respond to such an insult from your rank

But who would kiss the lips which insult them
You might be queen, but you’re a woman too

He doesn’t love me – I am a trophy
There are twenty women in this marriage
& his sisters favorites – I’m mere flesh
No soul nor substance, but a diadem
Of dull necessity to decorate
His reign & ego

One more travesty
That ails us all beneath the Incan throne
Atahualpa is but a dim-eye’d fool
Not to fall in love with Cuxamiray

As ocean waves are crashing in on my Island phantasy
I like these signs of passion vibes That shine in front of me

Well she might want a whiter man & she might like the king
But when I sit beside her I’m the one who makes her sing

I know her heart is bossin’ it Its time to follow thro
With all those secret promises Our aching hearts withdrew
There is a gaze between two lovers When that love is true
O my darling sweet Curaximay I’m so in love with you

So, baby face my face Why waste another second on the chase
I know that you & me Are meant to be infinitely

I like the cauldron of your eyes That boil in front of me
It all some kind of salutary mystic hymnary

WelI might seem regality I might be a queen
But all thro my humanity No finer boy I’ve seen

& yes my heart is bossin’ it Its time to follow thro
With all those secret promises Our aching hearts withdrew
There is a gaze exchanged twxy lovers When that love is true
My foxy cocky fellipo Im so in love with you

Enter Queen Inkasisa

What is he doing here… are you crazy

Its… we are… the thing is…

Queen Cuxamiray, if ever the king
Would hear of this, he’d send the borla strand
To raze your village, slaying all who dwell
In thy precious, little Huamachuco,
& kill ten thousand people roundabout
& slaughter all the sheeps, sow fields with salt
Fell every tree, demolish every home
Do you want such destruction on your hands
Because of this thing who dines with White Ones
Go, begone vile slug-ling LEAVE THIS PLACE NOW

Evil yunga dog

Exact such a punishment that noknowlegde would remain of him his lineage & his nation

Haste yourself away
We’ll make amends on a friendlier day
& take care of your smile
A splash of sunlight flashing fertile

I’ll wait for your signal, sing a sweet song
Deep in the forest & I’ll come to you

I beg thee, Inkasisa, breath no word
To anyone – he came uninvited –
T’would be you who slew my native country

If I see him here again, I will tell

Exit Queen Inkasisa

Scene 17: The Royal apartments, Caxamalca

It is meal time / Atahualpa is being served by his wives & is eating from their hands – enter QuizQuiz

Your majesty, a cacique has arrived
From Huamachuco, baring bags of gold
Are you ready to receive him

I am

Inkasisa licks Atahualpa’s hand clean – QuizQuiz brings in Huamanchoro & a porter who is carrying a bag of gold

Chief Huamanchoro of Huamachuco

Huamanchoro takes the bag, places it on his own back, takes it to Atahualpa’s stool then showers the gold at his feet / Huamanchoro then raises his hands to the air & is weeping

In the presence of my only master
I Heaven thank, for blessed is the sight
These tears I shed are fill’d with liquid joys
I love you, Atahualpa, adorate
{Huamanchoro kisses the hands & feet of Atahualpa who says nothing in response}
I trust my daughter has been good for you
To me she was a princess, thus a queen
She would have made quite naturally, sire
{Atahualpa is still silent, but looks around for Cuxamiray with his eyes noticing she was not there}
As I told the general we shall rise
As one arm’d mass, White Ones to terminate
When reveng’d upon the whole pack of them
The Inca shall resume their sacred rule

Enter Don Pizarro, Felipe, De Soto & Gonzola

Don Pizarro
What did he say

I did not hear it sir

Don Pizarro
You two can leave

Dimisses QuizQuiz & Huamanchoro

Don Pizarro
I heard they’d brought you gold
Is this it

Yes, some

Don Pizarro
You speak Spanish now

A little – but I am learning quickly

Don Pizarro
This is just not enough, you waste our time
Two months have pass’d, we still can see the floor
Within the chamber you promis’d to fill

& each new day brings tidings of armies
Advancing swiftly on Caxamalca

Atahualpa asks Felipe to translate – he responds in Spanish

These men bring gold

They might be bringing war

Don Pizarro
This hoard of gold might be a fake façade
Delaying time for to collect a force
In order to attack us – what says he

He says you are wrong to be suspicious

Don Pizarro
Restless when unfulfill’d promises drawl
I’ll be as agitated as I like
Will you remind our captive who’s in charge

He says that you should satisfy yourselves
On whether the promise can be fulfilled
Or not, a month of little consequence
If still you’ll get your gold…. He also adds
The chief place where his treasures are obtain’d
Is Cuzco, long hard journey on bad roads,
When all is carried on a breaking back,
So many precious objects; vessels, pots
& golden plates pried from the polish’d wals
Of Qurikancha Temple of the Sun

Don Pizarro
Tell him whatever the circumstances
Time is always finite

Don Pizarro
I am here, my wives are here, why would I
Risk a rescue, or dare to displease you

Don Pizarro
Well, just in case, your brother’s coming here

My brother

Don Pizarro
I want you both together
As my prisoners, to ensure the peace

De Soto
He might a fine facilitator prove
In gathering the gold of the Inca
Another month trapp’d in Caxamalca
& we might lose our minds, the days grow drear
Caught by your promise, on a dull hook hung

My brother has no power

But he might
We are the masters of your country now
Drive its delegatory rivulets
Let us decide its rightful succession
Whoever conjures finest carat gold
In greatest quantities shall be the king

Don Pizarro
Gonzola, quit your idle surmising
Ignore him Atahualpa, but know this
Your brother comes to Caxamalca soon

& when he does your sentiments might change
We’ve heard he’s buried all your father’s wealth
Loaded upon the backs of many men
& slit their throats to keep the caskets safe
But all these treasures ten to fifteen days
Away from Caxamalca at the most

Enter Don Diego & Don Alverado

I like dance, I like girls, I like romance, I like pearls
I like money, I like dogs, I like fires with logs

Because Don Diego de Almagro is my name

I like music, I like slaves, I like weapons, I like waves
I like silver, I like songs, I like righters of wrongs

Because Don Diego de Almagro
El Adelantado and El Viejo, are my names

I like goblets, I like gold, I like furniture fine & old
I like islands I like wine, I like sunshine all of the time

Don’t wear it out now, don’t wear it out now
Don’t wear it out now, don’t wear it out

During the song Atahualpa has a discussion with one of his captains, who leaves

Don Pizarro
Don Diego

Don Diego
Is my name

Don Pizarro
Welcome friend,
To Caxamalca, & look who it is
Don Alverado – have you changed your mind?

Don Alverado
We’ve all heard about the Incan riches
Is that gold, & this, & that, is that gold

Don Pizarro
It is

Don Alverado
At once this sight extinguishes
My life’s vexatious experiences

Don Diego
And the rest

Don Pizarro
We shall discuss that later
Atahualpa, this is Don Almagro
Come hither lately from our seaboard camp
With him march men, the first of many more
Who come to stabilize our conquest here

Don Diego
With a little a web as this, have we
Really snar’d the noble Atahualpa
Whose ferociousness is now frothy-mouth’d
Reduc’d to draining treasures from his realm
In order to only remain alive

It is him

Don Diego
& that chain around your own noble neck
I’ve never seen a finer worksmanship

Don Alverado
His promis’d opimaspoil, where is it

Don Pizarro
In-creeping slowly, there is much to come

Don Diego
With such a great prisoner in our grip
We ought to drive this bargain that will turn
Our penury to opulence, & send
Us home rich merchant princes

Don Pizarro
Not so fast
Cabalerros, I have far nobler aims
Than storing up on gold – I did not put
My hand to this adventure in the hope
Of soul-less wealth divorc’d from sov’riegnty
Tho empire’s aim is mine, you’ll have your gold

Don Diego
Gold is the chosen manna of the gods

Don Pizarro
Enough of money, you must be hungry

Don Diego
I am more than well, my men, however,
Are famish’d, many leagues this week we’ve march’d

Don Pizarro
Then they shall eat a handsome feast tonight
Let’s spread the joys of victory among
Our gang of happy comrades, let us talk
Of empire, & to toast the health of Spain

Don Alverado
There was a battle yes

De Soto
One of sorts
Our victory a sign spectacular
That Christians destin’d to rule the world

Exit Don Pizarro, Captain de Soto Don Diego & Don Alverado with Felipe following

Your Spanish is improving all the time

It is a good language, as you are man
But who is he who the Governor loves

He is Don Diego de Almagro

He has an evil heart, I trust him not

You are fine, Don Pizarro respects you
Tho’ I expect his patience might run out
If your golden promise fades unfulfill’d

It shall be so, I’ll fill that room with gold

As you have told us many times, but time
Will only solve that quandary, lets play
A little chess, I have a set with me


Chess… it is a very ancyent game
This is call’d a board, like a battlefield
The winner of the game will master it
& these its pieces, soldiers every one
The Queen, the Bishop, Knight, Rook & the King…

SCENE 18: A Country Road

In the Juaja district, Huascar is marching along a road in captivity / enter hammocks carrying QuizQuiz & Chalochima, drawn by two runners after a long relay

Huascar, we have come from your brother

I know that look, those are the eyes of death
That sheep see last as shepherds drop the veil
Who’d thought them safe, protected from jackals
When all along they were meant for the pot
I knew when first you nail’d me to these chains
I’d never live to see them unshackl’d
The White Ones gave me hope, but in my heart
I knew that Atahuallpa would decide
If I’m to live or die… the latter, yes?

Yes, Huascar, you are to die today

Hah! At the hands of one of my subjects?

Atahualpa orders it

So be it
But to behead me like some common slave
A craven death & unbefitting most
Asphyxiation is the only way
But strangulation’s a criminal’s death
& drowning has a glow of the divine
Thus I, being a deity of sorts,
Deserve a bloodless passing such as that

You wish to die by drowning

I do, yes

We have orders to end thy life at once
There is a river there

Then let us go

Huascar looks around at nature as he’s led to the river bank

O what a wonder is this world of ours
& all of it was mine until the hour
I fell, forgotten by my higher gods
Abandon’d to lonely enormity

Will you step within the waters

I will

Walk slowly in, where we shall hold you fast,
Immers’d until your lungs can draw no air

Then that shall be the death of me, will I
Be buried with my treasures & best wife

That is for Atahuallpa to decide
Your highness, it is time,

When you return
Unto my brother, making a report,
Tell him only this – the White One’s justice
Compels all men to die who take a life
& when his moment comes, remember this
Huascar consents to retribution
For I am my brother’s natural lord
& yet my death he orders, Heaven knows
The brazen illegality of this

Will you step inside yourself, or be forc’d

When I return to life I’ll find you both
& slay you in as many ways as known
& hunt down all your family & friends

QuizQuiz gestures to his men to force Huascar into the water, where he is drowned

19: The Forest

Cuxamiray is playing the flauta & singing Yma Sumac’s Chuncho (the Forest Creatures) – at the end of the song Felipe arrives & they embrace without words


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