(ATA) : Scenes 9-12

SCENE 9: Cuzco

Outside the temple of sun

Your imperial majesty, welcome
Huascar is no longer Cuzco’s king
This is his golden tunic, his helmet,
His shield & war insignias, all these
Were pluck’d from the defeated personage
Of your defeated body, so our lord
May have the honour of treading upon
The things & ensigns his enemies
Lord Atahualpa, Cuzco’s halls are yours
O Unique King, the lover of the poor
Son of the Sun, Zapalla Inca, heil!
This city is the Incan capital
The royal seat from where four well-built roads
To Cuntisuyu, Collasuyu lead
To Antisuyu, Chinchasuyu too
Out from this city of your destiny
Thine ancestors emanated glory
& so, as their successor, them ye’ll meet
Initiatory ceremony
Each of the Sapa Inca has peform’d
Are you willing, sire, to permi its rites


Bring out the Inca, Atahualpa
Take this anointed censor in your hand
Wave it until the smoke ascends, then ask
& you shall have your answers, but be brief
The mighty dead brook no long questioning

The first mummy is brought out

This is Manco Capac, the first Inca
& founder of this wonderful city
He who brought together all the ayllu
& brought them here, to the Cuzco valley
& one-by-one defeated the three tribes
Who once dwelt here, the Alcahuisas,
The Sahuares & the Huallas and Alcahuisas,
& settl’d in the swamp between the streams
Where now the plaza lies most grandiose
& being settl’d in this famous place,
Wrought ire from larger, more powerful tribes
The Pinaguas & Ayarmacas
Confederated but were well repell’d,

Spirits of my fathers,
The great burden of your empire, renown’d,
Has descended upon my bare shoulders
Most mighty Manco, founder of the line
Am I, in your eyes, worthy of command

Mancu says you are welcome & worthy

Father, do you approve

Huayna says
Your brother broke the funerary bond
To rule in perfect harmony with thee
& has thus lost the crown, the angry gods
Ensur’d his fate, the other kings agree,
Sinchi Roca, Lloque Yupanqui
Mayta Cápac, Yahuar Huácac
& Pachacútec, he who builedth this
Great temple dedicated to the sun

Tell them I humbl’d by the honour

They hear… Atahualpa, King of Inca,
This was your father’s crown & now tis yours
{Ekkeko crowns Atahualpa}
This is the royal borla, crimson hued
A single strand is all you need to send
With messages, obeisance to ensure

Ekkeko clicks his fingers & the royal wives are brought out

These were wives of Huascar, & all queens
Train’d in the graceways of regal manners
& of them you may have your pick; sire, choose

Atahualpa examines the wives, pauses at Cuxirimay

What is your name

I am Cuxirimay

You are very beautiful… I choose her
And this one… & her… execute the rest

Of course your majesty, take them away

Take her, Cuxirimay, to my chambers
But wash her first, I do not wish to smell
My brother’s flesh upon her

As you wish

Exit Atahualpa


Hernando & Captain De Soto enter the village of Cajas / There are women spinning & weaving / there are three men hanging upside down from a tree

What evil is this hanging trinity
This despicable Incan Calvary
Felipe ! ask these women what here occur’d

Felipe converses with the women

They say ‘tis the will of Atahualpa
The middle one snook in the regal nest
& took advantage of one of his wives
The guards, who let him in, hang either side
& I would not want to be related
To any of them, their poor families
Are destined to be massacr’d entire

Hither off, find me the village cacique

De Soto
These not the first to die of woman’s lust
But look, the way they go about undress’d
Those dark & dusky deer-eyed damsel does
Enough to prise the passions of a priest
I’ve loved the pretty maidens of the Tagus
I’ve kiss’d the blissful beauties of Madrid
I’ve even broken Barcelona hearts
Alack, the crucifixes round their necks
Were wards of deft protection from the flesh
But here, the flesh, the skin, the nipple hues,
Tis Eden, still, before the applefall

There will be time enough come the conquest
When we shall wive ourselves into old age
For now, let us avoid their distractions
& focus on the massive task at hand
The spirit of Atahualpa is strong
& must be broken, else we shall return
As empty-handed fools, if still alive

De Soto
There’s nothing wrong with looking, Hernando,
Anticipation is half the passion

Felipe returns with Titi, the village chief

I have found him, the cacique


Chief brought out

Ask him of Atahualpa’s whereabouts

Felipe speaks to the chief – there is silence

De Soto
Speak up man, nay, just speak, what holds the tongue
Solemn preoccupation scythes thy face
With troughs of apprehension goug’d by fret
Felipe, tell him to speak else tortur’d be

Felipe speaks with Titi – this time he responds

He says he is afraid to speak with you
Now Chaluchima roams the provinces
Punishing with death Huascar’s allies
& killing those who with White One’s converse

Tell him he is under our protection
& safe – when, on the Governor’s behalf
He & his people now gladly receiv’d
As vassals of the Spanish emperor

Felipe translates

De Soto
Ask him what he knows of Atahualpa

Titi speaks more to Felipe

He says he is the thirteenth Inca

Thirteenth – one’s luck must run out sometime
Tell him to tell us his story

Yes sir,
His name is Titi, this village Cajas,
Whose bursting passions into plaints now pour
When Atahualpa came, he hid in fear
Igniting a great fury in the king
Slew four thousand of my five thousand men
& took three thousand women for his troops
Then stripp’d his wealth, planted higher taxes
Than ever the Old Cuzco or his son
Impos’d on them, combin’d

Felipe, tell him
Those taxes now abolish’d in the name
Of Carlos, King of Spain

Felipe translates – Titi starts crying

De Soto
Is he alright

He says that his children were sacrificed
Their youth made them the purest of beings
& being noble-born & beautiful
King Atahualpa gave them to the gods

Capacocha, capacocha

All three
Of his children sent to Mount Ampato
Clad in the colour’d aksu tapestry
There drugg’d & clubb’d & left to freeze & die

Poor soul, his face has been confused with tears

De Soto
A tragic tale… but, ask him does he know
Of Atahualpa’s military might

He says there are two armies in your way
At the foot & summit of the mountains
& another one at Caxamalca
The largest force led by the king himself
Of fifty thousand men, or maybe more

Caxamalca, is it far

Ten days march
Across these spreading green peaks over there
He also notes that Atahualpa’s pride
Promises & boasts of Christian deaths
That none of you will leave his lands alive

De Soto
I well believe he is a great soldier
But tell this Titi my lord Emperor
The King of Spain, the Indies & the World
Numbers many great men as his servants
More powerful than your Atahualpa
My own brother, Don Pizarro, is one
Who has defeated mightier rulers
Than any of the Cuzcos

I have it
Felipe, you shall go to Atahualpa
There guided by some of this old chief’s men
Ask him at once

He says he can help us

Good, good, & so my boy, listen to me
Tell Atahualpa how we Christians
Give good & noble treatment to caciques
Who share a proper peace with us, but those
Who dare attack we will obliterate
& tell him you are telling him the truth
According to everything you have seen
& tell him that if he treats us kindly
My brother shall be his brother, & shall
Favor him & aid him in his regions,
& in high state remain shall for all time
But if he chooses war, he shall be fought
& punish’d to the height of our pleasure
& kill’d just as the caciques of Tumbez,
Santago & all others who oppos’d
The march of Don Pizarro, & Felipe


In that same space act a spy inside
While speaking, assess everything you can
The qualities of weapons, men & mood

I shall, but I have many things to fear
The whims of Atahualpa are deadly

De Soto
{giving a musket}
Take this, as a token of our friendship
Make sure he hears its power, fire it off

I shall do everything you ask of me

Exit Felipe & Titi

Let’s hope that gun is never used on us

De Soto
There’s only powder for a ball or two

Fifty thousand men at least, that’s a lot

De Soto
Better not to muse on simple numbers
The quality of arms decides the day

Those mountains look treacherous for horses

De Soto
But ours are Christian horses, my friend
& the Lord’s with us, Hernando
Come, enough doominess & gloominess
Let us enjoy our dinner & the scene
This truly is a beautiful valley

Exit Hernando & De Soto

Scene 11: Caxamalca

Atahualpa is sat with his wives in the Royal Tent in the camp outside Caxmalca with his wives – Cuxirimay is singing The YMA Sumac song, Taka Rari

Cuximiray, Cuximiray, my queen!
What joy you have given to the empire
Its emperor the happiest he’s been
To Heaven elevated by desire
Your face entices, as your neck enthralls
& if singing to your tynya’s pinions
Shaking your chajcha’s sea-shells & bead-balls
What freshness sweeps across these dominions
Invigorating beauty, when beheld
In such close quarters, hypnotizes minds
When all life’s weary niggles are dispell’d
By stunning vision as its glaze spellbinds,
Your pulchritude’s but worthy of a king,
& I am he, buzzing on the bee sting!

Coya Asarpay
Come & sit with us, my sister… a chair

Servants bring a chair out – Enter Purutu with Felipe


My good Purutu, who is this man

He is the White Ones’ messenger, my lord

Well, what does he have to say

Step forward
Tell the emperor everything you know

Great lord & king, praise God for this meeting,
Such mutual conference high honour
For poor Felipe from Tumbez, I am he,
Who travel’d with the Spanish to this land
Whom are so very powerful & brave
They have horses that gallop like the wind
& give men death with teeth & leaping hooves
Whose riders carry lethal lances long
& them who fight on foot have such sharp swords
That slice a man in two with single blows
Whose fire-shooters fling death from a distance
Whose enemies are ever slain in pain

Felipe gives Atahualpa a musket

Is this a fire stick

It is

Very strange

From them a simple message I’ll relay
They say if you’ll accept them as rulers
You will be permitted to reign in peace
As Incan king, but subject to their king,
But if you snarl hostilities in war
Annihilation is your just reward

Coya Asarpay
You dare to speak so brusquely

Let him speak
He is only the messenger

Of course
Return to the White Ones with my blessing
Tell them they can travel to this city
In perfect safety, that when they arrive
They shall find all Caxamalca empty
With lodgings to suffice a Prince of Spain
While I’ll make camp beyond its walls, once
Ensconc’d, let deliberations ensue
As to the future status of my realm,
Purutu – give him everything he needs
To give his journey comfort,

Of course, sire

& go with gifts, there’s goosemeat skinn’d & dried
Aplenty in the stores, & give them wine,
& milk, & sheets of silken comfort clean
& take them seven baskets full of fruit
Guava, Caimitos & Guayba
Egg fruit, sweet potatoes, albondigas
& Yuca for to make Cassava bread

All shall be done, & well
{to Felipe}
You, come with me

Exit Purutu & Felipe

That man had a curious countenance

Coya Asarpay
He is a dog, Tumbez provincial pit
& please Curixamiray, stay your tongue
Your inexperience effects discourse

My inexperience

Coya Asarpay

Be silent

Coya Asarpay

No! both of you haste yourselves away
I wish to play with Inkasisa now

Exit Coya Asarpay & Cuxirimay

Scene 12: Caxalmaca

The Spanish arrive in Caxamalca square to the sound of trumpets – the square is deserted

Don Pizarro
Cease the song of sennets, as sole tenants
Of this city, surplus sound… deserted,

Gonzola Pizarro
I do not trust the Inca, brother

Perhaps this is a trap, & thus our tomb

Don Pizarro
The truth soon subsentient, lets inspect
Each house, make sure we are truly alone
Keep the horsemen fasten’d in their saddles
Battle-ready, ‘til when we feel secure

Well, in practical terms, Don Pizarro
There is no better position than this

Don Pizarro
Father De Valverde, what day is this?

The fifteenth of November, a Friday,
The year of our lord, fifteen thirty two;

Hernando Pizarro
On this day of heavenly endeavor
I feel as if Phoenicians Pillars pass
Before even Cadiz was ever built,
Or if Vasco de Gama has landed
In India, incessant labors drawn,
But we are Spain, Islam now not alone
In such an adventurous enterprise
The Andes are like their Himalayas
The arid Chihuahua their Sahara
But we command the ocean every side
Such is the limpieza de sangre
Which flows thro all our progress

Enter Captain de Soto

De Soto
They are here

Don Pizarro
What prospect from the battlements, Captain

De Soto
Their camp is on a mountain’s lower slopes
A league or so away, so many tents
I’ve never seen so many in my life

Don Pizarro
Is Atahualpa’s among them

De Soto
Yes, sir

Don Pizarro
Will you go there & request a meeting
With me, in Caxamalca, tomorrow

De Soto
Of course

Don Pizarro
Take twenty-five horsemen with you
& when presented tell the Inca this
I will not assign Christians quarters
Until we know Atahualpa’s pleasure
Where they should lodge, & in his mind instill
A great desire in me that we’ll be friends

De Soto
But what if there are tensions, & combat

Do not pick a quarrel captain
However critical the disturbance
& hard you are provok’d, with priestly peace
& calm ambassadorial conduct,
Pursue your negotiatory talk
‘Til its satisfactory conclusion

Some waste their lives, yet some their time redeem
To be the first among us who shall speak
With Atahualpa, is a great honour

Don Pizarro
Go with the ambitions of our glory

De Soto
I shall not let you down, Governor

Don Pizarro

Exit De Soto

Conquistadors, let us together pray
For the success of Captain de Soto

Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi: miserere nobis. Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi: miserere nobis. Agnus Dei, quitollis peccata mundi: dona nobis pacem. Contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur: Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute, in infernum detrude. Amen.



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