(Mad): Scenes 4-6

SCENE 4 March 1981: Tony Wilson is showing New Order around the Marine Center on Whitworth Street – with them are Mike Pickering & Rob Gretton Tony WilsonWelcome to the proto-Hacienda,The Ur-Hamlet, lets say, or the Hobbit,This space, this place, shall be own demenseFor we deserve a place to socializeAs does this fabulous city of … Continue reading (Mad): Scenes 4-6

(Mad) : Scenes 7-9

SCENE 7 A cellar in Andy Couzens house ready for band practice : Pete Garner & Ian Brown are playing snooker– enter John Squire who begins setting up Andy CouzensJohn John SquireHello boys, how are all today Ian BrownNot bad, not bad, did that drummer call youThe one from Wythenshaw John SquireNo he didn’t Pete … Continue reading (Mad) : Scenes 7-9

(Mad) Scenes: 10-12

SCENE 10: The Hacienda, 1984 The Tube are filming in Manchester for Channel 4. Jools Holland is interviewing Mike Pickering while Madonna is preparing to perform. In the background Tom Hingley is collecting glasses. Jools Holland‘Tis the bitter month of LenaionWhen winter seems to drag her barren heelsA January Friday afternoonOutside raining, yet inside we’re … Continue reading (Mad) Scenes: 10-12

(Mad) : 13-15

SCENE 13: Summer 1985, The Hacienda Mike Pickering & Peter Hook are in the Gay Traitor at the Hacienda – the Happy Mondays are drinking at another table Mike PickeringI’ve got to admit I’m loving the tapeWho is the singer Phil SaxeIt’s that lad there, ShaunThe scally prince, encentr’d in his pals Mike PickeringWell, he … Continue reading (Mad) : 13-15

(Mad): 16-18

SCENE 16: Joe’s flat, Hulme Joe, Lucy, Alisha & Clint Boon arrive, fresh from the Warehouse Party LucyThat was fucking buzzing that was AlishaI knowWalking home from town in a solar beamThe Roses & the Sunshine in our souls& what a time to be alive this morn JoeWelcome to my gaff, Clint Clint BoonI like … Continue reading (Mad): 16-18

(Mad) : 19-21

SCENE 19: Still Leeds Backstage at the gig – enter New Order, with the latest member Gillian Gilbert Stephen MorrisA cracking gig that one, well play’d people Peter HookYou too Stephen, a blinder as always Gillian GilbertI fuck’d up the middle eight on Sunrise Bernard SumnerGill, when the story of this gig is toldI’ll dare … Continue reading (Mad) : 19-21

(Mad) : Scenes 22-24

SCENE 22: Manchester City Center, outside the central library It is evening. Reni & Ian Brown are spray painting ‘The Stone Roses’ on walls & shop fronts with a can of red paint. They are sharing a joint. ReniTis cool we’re doing this, y’know, daubingThe Stone Roses all over Manchester,We’ve been ignor’d for long enough … Continue reading (Mad) : Scenes 22-24

(Mad): Scenes 25-28

SCENE 25: Backstage at the Haçienda after Bez’s first gig The Happy Mondays & Derek Ryder roll in clearly in a good mood; backslapping, lighting spliffs & cracking open beers Paul DavisWow! That was fucking brilliant that was Gaz WhelanYeah, that was proper buzzin! Derek RyderWell done, Bez Paul RyderYoure in the band as far … Continue reading (Mad): Scenes 25-28

(Mad) Scenes 29-31

Scene 29: An Italian Restaurant in Manchester Gareth Evans is meeting with the Stone Roses & a lawyer brought by Andy Couzens – they are eating spaghetti & drinking red wine Gareth EvansTuck in boys, drink as much wine as you likeGorge your gullets upon this restaurant’sGastronomical specialitiesWith this day as delicious as thie sauceFor … Continue reading (Mad) Scenes 29-31


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