ATAHUALPA: Scenes 1-4

DRAMATIS PERSONAE King Charles of Spain Don Francisco PizarroDiego del AlmagroDon AlveradoHernando PizarroGonzola PizarroCaptain De SotoPedro Catano…… Conquistadors HauynaHuascarAtahualpa…. Incan Kings ChaskaPaltaSachamama… Wives of Huayna Coya AsarpayInkasisaCuxirimay…. Wives of Atahualpa ApumaytaMarichanchi… Huascar’s Advisors Purutu…. Atahualpa’s Advisor Ciquinchara… Atahualpa’s Translator ChalcuchimaQuizQuizRuminagui ………… Atahualpa’s Captains MaizabilicaUrcoTitiHuamanchoro … Incan Caciques Vincente de Valverde… Dominican friar Ekkoko – Incan … Continue reading ATAHUALPA: Scenes 1-4

(ATA) : Scenes 5-8

5: QUITO A feast in the central plaza of Quito – Atahualpa is sat with his sister-queen, Coya Asarpay – they are wearing vermillion, the colour of the Incan Kings. Before them & around a totem pole full of jaguars, pumas & condors a “taqui” is in full flow – the dancers are male & … Continue reading (ATA) : Scenes 5-8

(ATA) : Scenes 9-12

SCENE 9: Cuzco Outside the temple of sun EkkekoYour imperial majesty, welcomeHuascar is no longer Cuzco’s kingThis is his golden tunic, his helmet,His shield & war insignias, all theseWere pluck’d from the defeated personageOf your defeated body, so our lordMay have the honour of treading uponThe things & ensigns his enemiesLord Atahualpa, Cuzco’s halls are … Continue reading (ATA) : Scenes 9-12

(ATA) : Scenes 13-15

Scene 13: THE MEETING The Incan camp – Atahualpa’s apartments, a gallery looking down on a garden – walls are plaster’d with bright red bitumen – wood stained with same dye – Atahualpa is sat on a low seat at the door of the lodging – there are many caciques around him including the royal … Continue reading (ATA) : Scenes 13-15

(ATA) : Scenes 16-19

Scene 16: The apartment of the royal wives Cuxamiray is playing a set of zampoñas panpipes– enter Felipe CuxamirayWhat are you doing here FelipeWhat is your name CuxamirayI am Queen Cuxamiray – & you are FelipeMy name is Felipe – I am from Tumbez CuxamirayTumbez – are you not afraid to be here FelipeTerror is … Continue reading (ATA) : Scenes 16-19

(ATA) : Scenes 20-23

20: Caxamalca Don Diego is in his rooms – he is reading by a fire – there is a knock on the door Don DiegoCome in Enter Felipe Don DiegoAh Felipe, thank you for coming FelipeDon Diego Don DiegoI trust you are happyAmong the Conquistadors FelipeYes, sir Don DiegoPlease take a seat… would you like … Continue reading (ATA) : Scenes 20-23

(Mad): Scenes 4-6

SCENE 4 March 1981: Tony Wilson is showing New Order around the Marine Center on Whitworth Street – with them are Mike Pickering & Rob Gretton Tony WilsonWelcome to the proto-Hacienda,The Ur-Hamlet, lets say, or the Hobbit,This space, this place, shall be own demenseFor we deserve a place to socializeAs does this fabulous city of … Continue reading (Mad): Scenes 4-6

(Mad) : Scenes 7-9

SCENE 7 A cellar in Andy Couzens house ready for band practice : Pete Garner & Ian Brown are playing snooker– enter John Squire who begins setting up Andy CouzensJohn John SquireHello boys, how are all today Ian BrownNot bad, not bad, did that drummer call youThe one from Wythenshaw John SquireNo he didn’t Pete … Continue reading (Mad) : Scenes 7-9

(Mad) Scenes: 10-12

SCENE 10: The Hacienda, 1984 The Tube are filming in Manchester for Channel 4. Jools Holland is interviewing Mike Pickering while Madonna is preparing to perform. In the background Tom Hingley is collecting glasses. Jools Holland‘Tis the bitter month of LenaionWhen winter seems to drag her barren heelsA January Friday afternoonOutside raining, yet inside we’re … Continue reading (Mad) Scenes: 10-12


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